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CBA - code of conduct

Code Of Conduct
Clause 1
A Member’s conduct should uphold the dignity, reputation and standing of CBA and of ballooning in general.
Clause 2
Members shall at all times ensure that they attain and maintain the appropriate levels of expertise required for the safe and efficient running of their business. In addition, they shall ensure that all employees have the appropriate skill levels for the efficient execution of their duties and where necessary, provide the appropriate training to help in that attainment.
Clause 3
A Member shall perform only those services which are within the Member’s competence. Employees shall be trained and sufficiently supervised to ensure all duties are undertaken in accordance with industry good practice.
Clause 4
A Member will at all times act honestly and in good faith and ensure that their dealings with clients and customers are conducted at all times in a respectful and truthful manner.
Clause 5
A Member shall not recklessly or maliciously injure the professional reputation, prospects, or business of others.
Clause 6
A Member shall not use, or permit the use of, misleading statements or inaccurate information in advertising or promotional material.
Clause 7
A Member will take all necessary steps to bring this Code of Conduct to the attention of their employees and shall use their best endeavours to ensure that such persons observe this Code.

Clause 8
It is a duty of all Members to assist CBA in the adherence by members to this Code. The CBA committee, having duly and properly examined an alleged breach of this Code, may take any such action as is deemed necessary.
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